Guest Post, a Poem of Liberty and Truth

This was written by an acquaintance. It speaks to the heart of the matter. Copies may be distributed but credit must be given.



“A nation once brilliant in all her splendor–because she chose to follow God’s Holy Light,

Truth she upheld, and so then she prevailed–and unto the world, became an awesome delight.

Then decadent powers obstructed her vision–as lustful living and greed gripped her heart,

And though was a rose, toward Truth thumbed her nose…then her trusted fortress began falling apart.

Like Jericho, in the land of Canaan–an impregnable barrier, both mighty and sound,

Being filled with self-pride, assumed their false hope–in a flash, their high walls came tumbling down.

We see this happening within our own Nation–where once was safety, has now ceased to be,

Our homes, now like tombs, are as vacated wombs–the loss of our freedom…is imposed slavery.

Mandates and laws, binding like chains, are taking away each precious right…

The brave and the free, are ceasing to be…though a few dare to stand to engage in this fight.

Our nation was born through the blood of our kinsmen, who both fought and died, to make us all free –

If we lose this battle, we lose this blest hope, and the priceless gift of our sweet LIBERTY!

–Zettalee Rollins

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