Consistency: The Winning Factor in Politics and Life

I grew up in a conservative Republican home and learned early on that ‘liberal’ was a dirty word. It affected my political viewpoint for many years until the day arrived that I realized this wasn’t the whole story. Eventually I came to the conclusion that it’s pretty hard to throw mud unless you’re right in the middle of the puddle yourself. Or, as the saying goes, it takes one to know one.

There are two major wings of the statist party, Conservative and Liberal, with a third, Progressive, building up steam and set to demolish the Democrat Party. I have no use for any of them, but I do have some grudging respect for both the Liberal and Progressive factions. This shouldn’t be construed to mean that I accept and support their premises (I don’t), but only that, in my opinion, they are consistent with their stated philosophies and, consequently, will probably come out on top in the scramble for government control—at least for a short while until they manage to completely destroy the United States.

It is a known fact that both the liberals and the progressives call for wide-ranging policies which would require massively increasing the size of civil government in order to implement them. It is also known that both are willing and ready to accept this growth and even advocate for it. In this respect, they are honest. They are consistent. They practice what they preach.

Not so the conservatives. They are hypocrites, mouthing one thing, enacting another. They SAY that they are in favor of small government and lower taxes, but push for more all the time. They SAY that they are in favor of outlawing abortion on demand, but never make any concerted effort to end the slaughter when they have the power to do so. They SAY that they are in favor of free trade, but then work out deals which benefit large corporations and the people who control them at the expense of everyone else. They SAY that they support individual freedom, but work to bring everyone under the control of the State.

And on and on and on. I could do this for a long, long time.

George W. Bush was elected President, due partly to the belief among conservative Republicans that he was a decent, devout, Christian man who would do the right thing and Bush encouraged them to think so. He was not shy about professing his Christian faith in public, yet he never hesitated to abandon the principles he espoused when they came into conflict with his political policies. “Love your enemy”, “Do good to those who hate you”, and “Do not bear false witness” are maxims of the Christian faith, but Bush deliberately and repeatedly lied in order to take America to war against Afghanistan and Iraq, killing millions of people in the process.

I have more respect for Adolf Hitler. He knew what he believed in, he said what he believed, and he pursued his beliefs to the end, without conflict between his words and his acts.

Jack Kerwick recently posted an article on Lew Rockwell which said that conservatives could win the political battle against the liberals and progressives, except that they will not fight for what they believe in. He mentions Rush Limbaugh’s immense wealth and says that if that was put to good use, it would have a profound effect on society. This may very well be true, but why would Limbaugh do that? He makes his millions by exploiting the suckers who take his words at face value. Limbaugh and others like him are con men, using the gullibility of their followers as a cash cow to be milked, laughing all the way to the bank.

I don’t agree with Kerwick’s assessment. Conservatives don’t need to “fight” with the liberals and progressives to win. All they need to do is to be consistent, on a regular basis, with what they say they believe. That would be more than enough.

Socialism vs. Liberty and Freedom

Recently, a Letter to the Editor was printed in the Bitterroot Star by numerous members of the Montana Legislature, all of them Republicans, on the issue of Medicaid expansion and why this is a bad idea. My response is seen below or you can see it online here. And while you’re at it, check out the paper, a small, local rag which does quite well in this area.

Apparently, the authors of the article believe that Medicaid itself is good, because they state that, “Traditional Medicaid was created to lend a hand to our most vulnerable populations.” However, they argue against the “socialist expansion” of the program. Where do they draw the line? And how do they determine when we have stepped over it? And who gets to decide where the line is drawn? 

What is socialism, anyway? 

Socialism is the political practice of bestowing benefits on any certain class of people at the expense of everyone else. Furthermore, it is the belief that the ills of society and culture can be corrected by confiscating money and wealth from certain people and giving it to others. In this respect, every civilization in the world today is socialist because they all rely on taxation and government redistribution to create their own version of socialism. 

I’d be willing to bet that the authors have their own pet projects which they would vigorously defend against attack, all the while claiming that these are NOT socialist in any way, shape, or form. The fact is that EVERY single government program which has ever been created and implemented is socialist to some degree. 

The only alternative to socialism (left, right, or middle) is to leave individual people alone to live out their lives without interference. No government, no taxation, no socialism. In other words, individual liberty and freedom.

Yeah, that’s right. Just leave me alone.

***Update: Shortly after this letter appeared in the Bitterroot Star, a response was printed. You can read it here.It basically said that because I had expressed a desire to be left alone, then I had to stay home, stay off the (our) roads, stay out of the (our) stores, plan to work from home with what I had on hand, stay away from the (our) local medical offices and hospitals, not call the (our) local fire or police departments in an emergency, etc. In other words, completely disassociate myself from any and all local society. All because I said I wanted to be left alone.

I didn’t bother to respond.

Shameless Self-Promotion

I have been writing this blog off and on for years. My thinking has changed somewhat over this time, so some of these posts may not accurately reflect the way I believe now. That is important, however, since I am where I am now because of the decisions I made in the past. Because my thinking and philosophy change over time, I can honestly say that I believe I am coming ever closer to the truth.

The posts to this blog are sporadic. I have, however, been writing and posting to another blog, To Make a Difference more frequently. To Make A Difference is dedicated solely to the issue of abortion on demand. On that issue, my view will never change.

Check it out if you’d like. I’d be delighted to have you on board.

Legalize Pot Now, Mr. President

Whether you like him or hate him is irrelevant, Donald Trump can do something which a large majority of Americans would support–order that the Federal Government decriminalize the sale, purchase, and use of marijuana.

It is past time for the US to come to grips with the pot issue. Worldwide, trends are moving in the direction of decriminalization. Uruguay and Canada have already done so. Mexico will soon join them. Individual states are moving to make pot legal in one form or another.  The Feds are on the losing side.

Polls show that Americans, by and large, wish to see the Feds so-called “war on marijuana” end. Sooner or later this will happen. Inevitably, a large amount of the national economy will be removed from the black market and brought out into the open where it can be participated in legally. In addition, many people, non-violent offenders, who are presently incarcerated for the sale or possession of pot could be set free to rejoin society, enabling them to become productive citizens and slashing the immense cost to taxpayers to keep them behind bars.

The movement to change government policy on marijuana has become crystal clear—it will be modified in favor of more personal freedom. President Trump can go down in history by giving this issue a huge push in the right direction—declare that the US will make marijuana free and legal. Washington has lost this war. Now is the time to admit it openly.

The Reality of an Unbelievable Doctrine

               Sometimes, the theories and postulations of scientists require a great leap of faith to swallow them. Sometimes, they are simply unbelievable.

               Astrophysics, for example, has enjoyed a splendid run on television “infomentaries” (Discovery, History, PBS, etc.), presenting theories about the origin of the universe as if they were gospel. Night after night, there is a constant drumbeat about how the Big Bang happened 14 billion years ago, how our own sun lit up a few billion years later, and how Earth came into being 4.68732807 billion years ago, give or take a few million.

               They tell us that all the elements around (and in) us were spat out by exploding mega-stars umpteen billion years ago and, in fact, Earth wouldn’t exist at all were it not for such explosions. Gold deposits around the world and the huge lithium deposits recently found in Afghanistan are here today, compliments of super-novae a long, long time ago and far, far away.

               We are constantly reminded that Earth was once nothing more than a vast cloud of dust and gas. These dust and gas particles eventually started to clump together, by Gravity, and remain inseparable forever, or at least until some outside force split them apart. Over eons of time, more and more particles decided to join the group (I could have fun with this) until a rock was formed, which clumped together with another rock forming a bigger rock, which…You get the point. Eventually, enough of these rocks were brought together and morphed into a sphere around a core of liquid, molten iron and, Voila!, Earth.

               At some point, the comets arrived bringing the seeds of life and precious, life-sustaining water. (Where the comets got the water from is still a mystery.) From these gifts and the other elements generously sent to us by the stars, Gravity bless them, has evolved all the life forms that have ever existed.

               I am not making this up. I’ve seen it on television and we all know that if it’s on television, it must be true. But wait, as the pitch goes, there’s more. Oh, yes, much more!

               What really blows my mind is the “pinnacle of understanding” as I heard it directly from Stephen Hawking one day. Hawking is a demi-god who is worshipped in the astro-physical universe and, like E.F. Hutton, when he speaks, everyone listens. Anyway, he made the claim that there was a point in time (if time existed at all) where the entire, material universe was condensed, by Gravity, into a spot smaller than the smallest part of an atom. Everything was crammed in. Every constellation, galaxy, star, black hole, planet, gas cloud, was squeezed so small as to become non-existent.

               What really makes this interesting is that the material in the universe we can see and know about makes up only 5-10% of the whole universe, with the balance being made up of so-called dark matter, which we can’t see and know hardly anything about. Hawking believes that this dark matter was also included in the original mix and everything, both the matter we see and the matter we don’t, became one infinitely small amount of 100% pure energy, which simply exploded at the Big Bang and has been expanding, evolving, and creating ever since.

               Imagine, if you will, trying to compress one single tiny grain of sand into a state of virtual non-physicality, pure energy and nothing else. Imagine a force so large that Earth itself could be put into this position. The earth is 7, 926 miles in diameter (at the equator) and the sun is 865, 000 miles in diameter, give or take. Many stars are hundreds or thousands of times larger than our sun. Arcturus, for example, is supposed to have a diameter of 44 million miles.

               We live in a small galaxy called the Milky Way. There are an estimated 100 to 250 billion stars in our galaxy alone, yet there are galaxies out there which are far, far larger. Furthermore, it is estimated that the number of galaxies in the universe total in the hundreds of billions, perhaps trillions. We cannot even comprehend the number of stars this would make, let alone all the planets, black holes, quasars, dust and gas clouds, etc., which comprise the “known” galaxy.

               Multiply this phenomenal, stupendous mass by nine to ascertain the size of the dark matter that we don’t know about and you come up with an incredibly large, unfathomable amount which Hawking expects us to believe was once smaller than the smallest part of an atom.

Hunhhh??? They expect us to believe this????

Evidently they do, because all this is told with a straight face as if it were indisputable fact. Yet, the vast majority of astro-physicists, including Hawking, will tell you they don’t believe in God. How ridiculous is that? On the one hand they promote a theory which completely boggles the mind, which is so grandiose that the average person simply tunes it out, but they ridicule and demean anyone who claims that the universe was created by God and is sustained by His Spirit and rule.

It is, I suppose, theoretically possible that Hawking is right about the physical part of the universe, but he is dead wrong about its origin. I find Hawking’s hypothesis totally unbelievable, simply because I cannot wrap my mind around the logistics of the matter. I cannot comprehend the universe being squeezed so much that it virtually disappears into nothing but energy. This raises the question of where did this energy come from in the first place, but that’s another matter. The universe did not explode out of nothing nor did it originate from a (non)spot of pure energy.

Scientists of all ilk vehemently defend this theory, but it takes an incredible amount of faith to believe something like this. Truthfully, it is so much easier to believe that God simply spoke—and it was. The Bible tells us that God spoke it into existence. God didn’t start from a spot of energy, He started from nothing. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. This is what I believe. Who is going to tell me my faith is misplaced.

[Note: The above article was written four or five years ago, but never published. Since then, Stephen Hawking has died. Nothing else, as relates to this article, has changed.]

Venezuela, Putin, and the Order of Things

RussiaGate and the lynch mob mentality to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency at any cost have been ongoing for more than two years, with very little to show for it. The main premise is that various members of the administration, both past and present, actively worked with and were directed by Vladimir Putin and Moscow to elect Trump, denying Hillary Clinton the White House. The main tune sung is that Russia “interfered” in and unduly “influenced” the election, thereby giving Trump the win.

Election meddling by foreign powers is improper and should be resisted vigorously. Right? Of course, right!

How, then, do we explain the open, aggressive push to oust Nicholas Maduro in Venezuela and replace him with
Juan Guaido, who is a self-appointed wannabe? Is that interference or what?

It does no good to make excuses or try to explain the difference. This is blatant hypocrisy on the part of Washington. It’s a case of “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Whether anything ever comes from RussiaGate or not is debatable, but it is certain that the West is deliberately trying to dictate to the people of Venezuela who their president will be. This is wrong. It needs to stop.

The end of risk (and fun).

On November 14, 2018, I watched NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt. One of the “newsworthy” items which aired was about flying motorcycles, which appeared to be very similar to the now ubiquitous drone, but large enough to carry a person. You can have one for the paltry price of $150,000.

What caught my attention, though, was the concern voiced by Holt and the news correspondent, as well as the local anchor in her preview. They all brought up the issue of safety—numerous times. Is it safe? Is it safe? Is it safe?

Thought #1. Who really cares? It looks like a lot of fun. I wish I had the money to buy one.

Thought #2. Government ought to, in the name of all that is well and good in America, totally ban and outlaw these machines. No matter how well they’re built nor how much demand there is for them, if they can’t be guaranteed 100% safe, then they shouldn’t be built or sold. In fact, any efforts to bring these machines to market should be put on hold until the goal of complete safety can be reached.

Of course, the first thought is my independent, natural inclination (I am, after all, a man), while the second is pure out and out sarcasm. Please understand that.