Paul Ryan’s budget plan. What a joke!

Even though there are probably people who deny this, everyone instinctively understands that the Democrats will never balance the Federal budget. Not so with Republican true-believers, since there are many who still cling to the notion that the GOP really is the “good” party. For example, witness the millions who think that Paul Ryan’s proposed budget is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Sorry, folks, but I have to prick your balloon.

If Ryan’s budget was (miraculously) instituted in the next fiscal year and strictly followed thereafter, it would not produce a positive balance for another 27 years. Twenty-seven years! This does not take into account the almost certain probability that it would be discarded as soon as the American people felt the pain brought on by adherence to its “austere” regiment. I think I can safely say that its life span would probably not extend as far as the Romney/Ryan term of office, if they should somehow manage to win.

27 years. What a joke. All this by a celebrated budget miser and celebrated all over America by millions of deluded, miserably blind, so-called fiscally conservative voters. But, hey, at least he’s not Joe Biden.

(Ed. Note) I went back and researched this a little more and realize I made a mistake. The “official” time frame is actually only 23 years, not 27. Small comfort!


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