The Sweet Smell of Freedom

Follow the science, we’re instructed. Adhere to the protocols of the medical establishment. Do everything you’re told by the experts. Well, now, let’s see what they have to say.

In a petition, as of the time of this writing (10/8/2020, 11:49 p.m.), over 16,000 scientists and doctors have called for a radical change in the way America manages the effects of the Covid-19 virus. Take care of those who are most at risk in a way that minimizes the risk to them. Allow everyone else to revert back to normal life. Children go back to school. Bars and restaurants open. Arts, sports, cultural events resume. Men and women go back to work. Businesses open or re-open. Lockdowns end. Mask mandates disappear.

This is a short, easily read, plain-English, common-sense petition. You can see it here: and there is an opportunity for you to sign it if you like. I did. I encourage you to do likewise.

Freedom beckons.

I wrote the above as a Letter to the Editor to the Missoulian on October 8. It was published on the 10th. Since that time, the number of scientists and medical practitioners who have signed this document has increased to over 27, 000, in addition to more than 300, 000 members of the general public. Since the Great Barrington Declaration was first published only one week ago (10/4/2020), it is clear that this has hit a chord. The caliber and number (rising rapidly) of highly educated and well-respected professionals who put their name on this petition will have an enormous effect in the public debate over the way we handle the Corona Monster. They cannot be ignored. We will not be ignored.

The worm is turning.

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