The Cult of Ludicrous Belief

Without getting into the “science” (sarcasm intended), it should be noted that the corona virus is many times smaller than even the smallest opening within the weave of the mask. In addition, the masks usually fit loosely around the face allowing airflow around them, thus destroying any argument that they effectively stop the entry or exit of the virus from the body. Nevertheless, people still demand that they be worn, not only personally, but by everyone in the mistaken belief that safety can be achieved so long as participation is universal.

woman and child sitting inside vehicle

Science be damned. It is the belief which is crucial and in this, Covid-19 has become equal to a religion. A cult religion, if you will, which rational, clear-thinking persons should reject out of hand as preposterous.

This is not substantially any different than the belief that wearing tin foil wrapped around your head will shield you from radiation or the reading of your mind by nefarious governments. There are numerous people around the world who subscribe to this, yet they are usually seen as delusional and the whole theory is generally dismissed as “crack-pot”.

Tin Foil Hats That Shield the Thoughts of Conspiracy ...

Now, it might be claimed that the “science” is valid, since it can be verified that metal shielding can and does stop or limit the transmission of radiation. Well, yes, but then anything can be verified if you believe strongly enough and you are willing to manipulate the data to prove your point. However, the premise of the argument is not based on science, but fear, and the scientific data is used only to corroborate what is already believed to be true. The people who wear tin-foil hats are afraid of what might happen to them and, as a consequence, are not able to experience life as it is meant to be lived–freely and courageously, no matter the circumstances.

Ditto with the face masks. There is no use in arguing with someone about the “science” or effectiveness of covering one’s face. There is simply an irrational fear which people seek to overcome by resorting to the use of unreasonable claims. If it is true that a cloth handkerchief wrapped around one’s head will add some measure of defense against the Corona Monster, then it is also true that tin foil wrapped around one’s head will shield from the dangerous effects of radiation.

Neither of these have any real or substantial grounding in scientific fact. Both are heavily influenced by fear. Both ought to be discarded as public policy and seen for what they really are.

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