All for the Cause, Dear.

Joe Biden has won and will be directing the American State as President for the next four years.

Well, maybe. We’ll know for sure in a little while after all the recounts, challenges, and court verdicts. Or maybe we will see the election decided in the House of Representatives which the Republicans will dominate, guaranteeing Trump the victory.

I don’t care one way or the other. This post isn’t about the outcome of the election, whether it was fair or fraudulent, whether Congress will determine the winner or the MSM will. Instead, I want to focus on the idea, quite prevalent in conservative circles, that the Corona Monster will fade from view now that Biden has been (theoretically, at least) proclaimed as the next king.

One question which must be answered is this. Did Biden and the Democrats promote the Covid-19 panic pandemic for the sake of wresting the presidency away from Donald Trump? Of course not! How could anyone be so crass as to even consider such a preposterous theory? Right, and I am not good at hiding my sarcasm either. What cannot be denied, however, is that the major news media, in every form, which has been trying to throw Trump under the bus for more than four years has also been the same media which has been pumping “Covid, Covid, Covid” into our consciousness non-stop, 24/7, for at least nine months. In fact, this same media has assiduously attempted to squelch any and all dissent from and opposition to the mainstream current of thought on the virus.

Which brings up the question again. Now that Biden has “won”, will the virus somehow magically fade away? There are those who think so, but I am not one of them. In fact, I think the opposite will happen and we will experience Act II. Second verse, same as the first, except louder and a whole lot worse.

I have my reasons, two of which are listed below.

First, for the State which always gains power and control through crises, but never gives them back when the crisis ends, this has been a good run. A very good run, indeed! The last nine or ten months have shown what happens to a world when irrational fear takes over and people are willing to do anything to eliminate the cause of that fear. The blind, unthinking, slavish reaction to the corona virus has been astounding and, to a logical mind, unbelievable. Except that we have seen it happen in real time to real people. Why would those who have gained mightily from the crisis give back anything to those from whom it was taken? There is only one answer: They wouldn’t. They won’t.

Second, and this may be more important, is that there is nothing to be gained by unilaterally announcing that the virus has been defeated because Biden “won”. Rather, there would be a lot to lose if something like that happened. Start with the pharmaceutical companies which would lose all that beautiful money if the “deadly pestilence” suddenly was declared manageable. Or on a more mundane level, imagine the shock and disillusionment if millions of people suddenly found out that they had been used and lied to for nearly a year just so that Trump could be ousted. (Forget the fact that they were used and lied to for much longer and in myriad other ways.) If they were told that corona was no longer a threat and the country thanked them for their “service” (loss of income, loss of job, loss of business, loss of trust, loss of relationship, loss of home, loss of dignity and self-respect, etc.), there would be a howl of outrage which would eclipse anything we have heard for a long time. The torches and pitchforks would come out. Bigly!

And politicians and medical “experts” would quail at the sight and sound of it.

Nawhhh! The virus, whether it is real or not, will continue to spread. It is in the interest of the powers-that-be to keep the momentum going. It is not going to stop. Instead, the whole scenario will be shifted into second gear and the accelerator will be floored.

Watch for this to occur if Biden wins. Watch for it to occur if Trump does. Watch for it. It’s a done deal.

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