The Beautiful and the Ugly: Thanksgiving Day 2020

Ahhhhh! Thanksgiving Day.

The popular saying is that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but I disagree with that. The one day that I spend annually with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc., in a spirit of gratefulness and love is absolutely much better than any other day of the year, including Christmas.

This year was no different. Six people, three households, one spirit. And the dog who was surprisingly well behaved. The food was superb, the conversation uplifting, the personal relationships strengthened. Not a word about religion, virtually nothing about politics, very little about Covid. Just a beautiful, beautiful day. I look forward to many more and I wish this blessing upon you as well.

However, this is in sharp contrast to what some people want to impose on us. Joe Biden, who may be the country’s next Emperor, for instance, is now advising that we may have to forego our holidays due to the ongoing saga known as the Corona Monster. Gavin Newsom, the Dictator of California is attempting to shut down virtually any gathering of people, regardless of the occasion. Anthony Fauci, the mouth of the medical establishment tyranny has made it plain he wants to cancel Christmas because too many people are having too much fun. Er, I mean, because they refuse to stay away from each other and insist on social closeness. In addition, average citizens around the country are being encouraged to snitch on their neighbors for “breaking the rules.”

What a joke! What a disaster if these wanna-be power grabbers manage to make their efforts stick. If that pattern becomes the very first event of the winter season, then we are indeed headed into a “very dark winter” as Joe Biden has predicted. Of course, if that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, then it will be due to his ability to pull it off as the Chief Power Broker of the Land. President of the USA, in other words.

If I only paid attention to the bad news, I would be severely depressed concerning the future of humanity and might seriously contemplate “cashing in my chips before the game was over”, but I have hope that this horrific, hysterical nightmare will soon be over. The resistance is building, people are starting to develop backbone, the truth is being revealed day after day so there can be no excuses for not understanding. We are going to beat this monster (not only the corona virus, but also the heavy-handed reaction to it and the paranoid fear it has engendered). However, it might take a good bit longer than I expect and it probably will be a lot more painful than anything we have experienced so far.

No matter. We (some of us) will emerge on the other side stronger, more confident, more secure in our liberty as free citizens. Whether or not I live to see it happen is of no consequence. I know what I believe and I will work toward that end, even if I never get to experience it personally.

Somebody will and that is good enough for me.

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