Whoville, USA: Fauci and the Grinch

December 26, 2020.

Merry Christmas, everyone, and a Happy and Blessed New Year to you!

If you recall, there were pronouncements everywhere (see here and here for examples) that Christmas, like Thanksgiving, should be abandoned this year due to the deadly existential threat of the world’s newest four-letter word: Covd, or, more appropriately, “Covid!!” Many of those dire utterings came from the man who many consider to be the Mouth of the Beast, Anthony “The Grinch” Fauci. If you paid attention to his words and acted accordingly, you would have been terrified to even leave your house to put the wrapping paper into the garbage can.

Good news, though. Apparently Fauci realized that he had made a mistake and backtracked on his advice. [Editor’s Note: More than likely this happened because of the extreme amount of backlash, resistance, and ridicule he received, but that is just my opinion.] In addition, he salvaged the matter by travelling to the North Pole and giving Santa Claus an injection of The Vaccine. Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures! Which of the many competing versions of the cocktail Santa received was not mentioned. We should all be grateful that Fauci, the Official Purveyor of Truth, rose to the challenge of deliberately lying to little children in a desperate attempt to keep up the Facade, which is crumbling by the day.

What is truly remarkable, though, is that Christmas came after all. Like the Grinch, Fauci did his best to bamboozle all the good citizens of Whoville, USA, tried to steal their joy, and ruin their celebration of the most festive day of the year, yet wound up with nothing for his efforts. Christmas came anyway and many, many people simply ignored him as if he was only a buzzing mosquito to be swatted away. (BTW, ignoring a politician is quite possibly the best thing we can do. It makes them irrelevant and unnecessary.)

This really is Good News, but it gets better. It is now only six days until New Years Day, January 01, 2021 and the whole world will be celebrating the beginning of a new year, to which I say, “Have at it! Enjoy yourself! Enjoy the company of family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances around you! Enjoy the festivities, fireworks, and food! Don’t allow anyone to rain on your parade!”

As far as Fauci goes, I encourage him to follow the example of the Grinch who actually realized his error and repented of his sins. If he is not willing to do that, then I encourage him to follow the example of his co-worker of evil, Dr. Deborah Birx, who just recently resigned and went into obscurity because she was caught in a scandal of hypocrisy and couldn’t handle the criticism which erupted out of it. Yes, Mr. Grinch Fauci, either change your course diametrically or go home, lock the door behind you, and shut up.

The world, our world, will be better off if you do.

One thought on “Whoville, USA: Fauci and the Grinch

  1. […] One year ago, I wrote about the efforts of Anthony “The Science” Fauci who was trying to destroy Christmas despite clear evidence that Covid-19 (The Disease) was NOT the existential threat that he and others were trying to make it out to be. In this article, I advised him to either follow the example of the Grinch who repented of his sins and made amends OR to follow his co-worker, Deborah Birx, into self-imposed exile by retiring, going home, and shutting up. […]

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