The Home of Last Resort?

Some Predictions (WAG’s) for the rest of 2021 and 2022

I offer these, not because I have any supernatural view of the future, but because I think they are plausible, possible, even probable due to the nature of the financial and social current we are caught in. No one should point to these as certainties. In fact, any or all of these could be completely wrong. Nevertheless:

  1. Covid-19 is in the terminal stage of death. The narrative surrounding it has been proven to be faulty, fraudulent, and untruthful. As time goes on and more evidence appears against it (and the persons who have deliberately perpetuated the lie), it will be exposed as pure evil. Only those who have some vested interest in the scam or those who refuse to admit they were fooled will continue to promote it. Anthony Fauci, the widely acknowledged mouthpiece of the Covid aberration will resign in disgrace and be seen no more. However, his legacy will live on as history records an article of clothing in his name: the Fauci Mask. This labeling would be similar to that given to the Mao Jacket, worn by millions of Chinese Communists at the height of Mao Tse-Tung’s power.  
  2. Bill Gates is on the way out. Ditched by his wife, thrown out of Microsoft, the exposed friend of Jeffery Epstein, (a rumored blackmailer of extremely powerful people), will die in like manner—either by his own hand in a room by himself, or, well, you know how it is. When an asset has reached the end of its usefulness, it is retired. Bill Gates will be retired in disgrace and never seen again.
  3. The Republican Party will see a massive sweep of Congress in 2022, not because their platform or record is any better than the Democratic Party, but because Americans, by and large, are thoroughly disgusted with what has happened recently. This is not to say that anything will become better as a result.
  4. Millions of Americans will start to use their rented storage units, not as holding places for the excess baggage they have accumulated, but as living spaces out of pure desperation. The “stuff” will be piled outside and brought back in, one piece at a time, to burn in the “central heating unit” so that the occupants can stay warm through the cold winter months. 

Enough said about items 1-3. Number 4 needs to be expounded on. Some variation of this is going to play out.

There have been a few novels I have read which have impacted me deeply, penetrating into the depths of my soul, and changing the course of my life forever. One of these, The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck is the inspiration for the premonition that is #4. If you have never read the book, you should. It is a tale of desperate people and the lengths they will go to survive and defeat the odds against them.

Toward the end of this story, Ma and Pa Joad take shelter in an abandoned railroad car along with another couple. None of them have anywhere else to go and must make the best of what they have. A single blanket tied up in the middle of the car is all that provides any semblance of privacy and it is easily swept aside at will by any of the occupants. Nevertheless, it is the best they have and they take advantage of the situation. At the very least, it affords some protection from the elements.

By and large, if Americans think at all about what is coming down the road, they tend to think that they will be safe in their own homes. What they do not consider is what will happen to them when (not if) the economic system we live in today (debt, paid off with depreciating dollars) collapses and all those 30 and 40 year mortgages become due and payable right now, i. e., on demand by the bank which holds the note. What will they do when (not if) the breadwinners in the household lose their “secure” paycheck because there is no more demand for their services? How will they pay those mortgages? What will prevent The Bank from foreclosing on the property and booting the occupants out into the street? Where will they go?

Some will move in with family, friends, or neighbors and learn the hard way how to get along with others out of sheer necessity. Some of these will be booted out onto the street because they refuse to learn. Some will simply have nowhere to go because they have burned their bridges in their drive to show their independence. However, many will have a recourse of last resort–storage space.

Yes, storage space, where they have been piling up the acquisitions of prosperity for years.

In my corner of the world, storage space is one of the hottest property trends. Everyone wants a place where they can keep their excess stuff and developers and contractors are rushing to fill the demand. Yet, if you can imagine a world which has come unglued, those storage spaces may very well be the only thing which offers a barrier from the elements and is somewhat affordable. In fact, it may be that people simply cut off the locks of any available space, move the stuff out, and move in–because there is no other option.

Am I wrong? Time will tell.

Maybe tepees will make a comeback.

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