Behind the Curtains of Oz

If you are like me, you have wondered at times about the stories (See Old Testament: Kings 1 and 2, Chronicles 1 and 2) of miraculous victories “won” by the ancient Hebrew nation of Israel over more powerful foreign invading nations. How is it possible that these threats could simply collapse and vanish, sometimes overnight, for no good explainable reason except to attribute the occasions to the intervention of a loving, powerful God? Without knowing the politics of the moment, can we even begin to explain these situations in real-world terms?

Strange as it might seem, we are seeing something similar happen right now, in real time, in our own world. Speaking, of course, of the near-instantaneous, seemingly panic-driven withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan, following in the footsteps of the British Empire and the Soviet Union, both of which literally disappeared within a few years of their own respective “defeats” and withdrawals from the Graveyard of Empires. What does this portend for our own society and the American nation?

Think about it.

Then, there is this. In an article in Off-Guardian, Kit Knightley asks questions about the nature of things which happened in Afghanistan and concludes that the whole thing went off as planned, not by the visible State (Pentagon, Administration, etc.), but by the few, extremely wealthy people who control the huge, international corporations which really call the shots. In other words, it wasn’t the king who pulled the plug, but the king-makers. Knightley says,

“The Covid “pandemic” has been an eye-opener in terms of conflict between nations. They’ve shown us that, when they really need to, they work together to the same end. They tell the same lies, sell the same stories, and want the same thing. The wall at the back of the theatre has been revealed, in that regard.”

“The truth is, no matter which nations notionally hold sway in Afghanistan, the profits from the war, the lithium and the heroin will all end up going to the same few pockets. Corporations rule, not countries. Nation-states are no longer the players of the Great Game, they are the pieces. Toys for corporate megaliths. Their owners can make them fight each other, or bump them together and make kissy noises. Each is equally meaningless.”

I suspect that he is onto something here. I will know more as the situation evolves.

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