The End of Science or the end of “The Science”

“The purpose of science is to have rigorous debate about different hypotheses. I’ve never really experienced in my life where there was [sic] private telephone calls among scientists that had a decision on what position they would take collectively, and to see that position then published in a scientific journal like Lancet, to say that individuals that thought like myself, had a different scientific hypothesis, somehow had to be put down and viewed as conspirators, this is really antithetical to science.”

—  Dr. Robert Redfield, former CDC director

Aaaaaand…it’s gone!

Not the science which attempted to tell the truth about Covid, but The Science, as embodied in Anthony Fauci, which lied continuously from the beginning of the narrative, deliberately suppressing and denying anything which deviated from the “official” version of said truth. Truly, it is good to see the dissension within the formerly closed ranks of the ‘follow the science’ crowd.

Of course, this is all nothing more than we knew or suspected before, but the fact that so many distinguished, credentialed, and revered (maybe formerly revered) public officials are now tripping over their own feet to distance themselves from The Narrative shows that the whole Covid debacle is virtually on its last legs, perhaps even comatose. Certainly, it does not have the steam hot air it once did as the balloon is rapidly deflating. Like any good Whoopee cushion, it is also making some strange noises while doing so.

There are also opposing strange noises happening. For instance, see here for this comment and graph by Alex Berenson.  

(Note: I could not link the graph back to its source, so it can be argued that this is nothing more than ‘misinformation’ and that there is no truth in it. However, it came from somewhere and if it truly is erroneous, then it can be proven to be so. The flip side is that if it is accurate, then the “drug pushers” have some serious explaining to do.)

Nuremberg, Round II?

With the Covid narrative disintegrating visibly and resistance to it gaining traction everywhere, the question arises. What is going to happen to all those people who trusted in “The Science” and dutifully and obediently bared their arms for The Shot? If the graph is any indication, their misplaced faith may very well be in jeopardy, although it is quite certain that some will hold on to the bitter end, firmly denying that they were ever wrong.

As anecdotal proof of this mindset, I recently (Jan. 27, 2022) heard someone make a statement very like this. “…the shots do not prevent anyone from becoming infected, getting sick, or spreading the virus, BUT they do keep people from dying. Statistically proven.”

Can you believe it? The commenter is so saturated with ‘The Science’ that he believes getting jabbed with the Pfizer/Moderna/J&J/AstraZeneca cocktail will prevent death by Covid. Need I mention that he gets his (mis)information from such outlets (none of whom ever fabricate untruth) as, the New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, CNN, MSNBC, etc., and all things progressive online.

Jonestown, Round II? Drink the Kool-Aid? Get out!!

This would be laughable if it was not so serious. What is funny (coincidental) is that when I was browsing the internet later that evening (literally a few hours later), I saw the graph shown below which directly contradicted the statement above. I guess my associate has never seen this or, if he did, chose to ignore it since it does not comply with his version of the truth.

Breakthrough deaths? What are those? Absurd! Fake news! Misinformation! Cancel that!! Suppress that!! Shut it down!!!

Any rate, life goes on and death comes to all of us sooner or later, whether we have been jabbed or not. It may come to us sooner IF we have been jabbed, but then again, it may not. However, I would not bet that the shot is going to keep me alive. Considering human nature and the fact that Big Pharma is raking in huge amounts of dough by peddling these “life-saving, soon to be mandatory shots and boosters”, I am not convinced.

There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

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