Opinions Matter. Don’t They?

Recently (June 24, 2022), Poor Roger’s Almanac published an article written by one Steve Finley as a guest editorial. Read it here. He has submitted a follow-up to that article which is included below. As with the first, I do not necessarily agree with nor endorse the opinion expressed, but I am adamant about the author’s right to openly state his own viewpoint.

I am working on a personal goal of developing Poor Roger’s Almanac as a place where other non-professional authors (virtually unknown but with something to say) can contribute to the discussion at hand and allow others to counter by way of comments below the article. The technical aspects are somewhat daunting but can be overcome, given enough time and money. Please be patient. This is only a beginning.

It is my belief that the best way to get at the truth underlying any issue is to talk about it, to explore every angle, to leave nothing hidden or unexposed. If something is too sacred or too profane to talk about, then we should talk about it. If critical self-examination is good for the individual, then it is also good for the community. Therefore, this effort will not be partial to any one single viewpoint, political ideology, or religious belief. As a means of stoking the conversation and keeping it lively, opinions will be posted here which are, or may be, diametrically opposed to my own. Or yours, for that matter. In fact, the only hard, fast rule which I will vehemently uphold is that the language within the boundaries will be presentable to the general public, regardless of their age or sex.

There will be those who will claim that I have gone insane. There will be those who will state emphatically that I am on my way to Hell. Well, they can think what they want. I know the truth about myself and I am more than willing to place my future and eternity in the hands of the One Who is Truth. He is all I have to satisfy.

Disappointing Results: Part 2

by Steve Finley

Once again, I am surprised at primary results that were recently held in which democrat candidates are beating out America-first MAGA candidates.  Have we learned nothing over the past year and a half?  Have we not had enough of a country imploding under the destructive socialist and communist policies of the Biden regime?  Has the Left not gone far enough left for us to properly react?

In Alaska’s senate primary, Lisa Murkowski beat out Kelly Tshibaka for the most votes in a top-four system.  Murkowski is an America-last, socialist, Trump-hating liberal who voted to impeach President Trump when he was no longer even in office in a sham impeachment trial on a private citizen without even having the chief justice present as required under the US Constitution.  Similarly, Democrat candidate Mary Peltola beat out America-first candidate Sarah Palin. Granted, in both cases, the defeats were only by a few percentage points, although Palin was 5% behind Peltola, possibly indicating what is to come.  However, given everything that has happened, it should have been an absolute blow-out for Tshibaka and Palin to get the most votes.  

Why are some of the most freedom-hating dems still winning in some cases?  I love the victories we are having overall in primaries across the country, but when a liberal America-hating nut like Murkowski gets the most votes in a top four primary, something is drastically wrong. It’s not over yet.  Palin and Tshibaka will still advance to the election, but the signs are potentially not in our favor, something I will never understand given the hell this country has been through ever since the Biden crime family has taken over.  Pray for victory in defeating the enemy and restoring freedom and liberty in this country, and vote like your life and country depend on it, because they do. 

One thought on “Opinions Matter. Don’t They?

  1. Vote like your life depends on it. Because it does.

    Well, actually, no, it does not. No one has ever died because they failed to vote. Of course, this is hyperbole, only meant to exaggerate the importance of voting for the candidate of “least evil character”, so as to deny the candidate of “greatest evil character” from gaining the seat of power.

    Voting, that solemn rite of the established religion of Democracy which every true believer gets to participate in occasionally (similar to taking Communion in a Christian church service) is, in my opinion, highly over-rated. In fact, under the two-party duopoly that passes for American “choice”, it makes no difference in the general direction the country travels, only in the minute zigs and zags along the way. Voting only gives the average American the illusion that he has some sort of influence over the government, when in reality the government accumulates power regardless of the way the election turns out. No matter who wins, the government grows larger and more aggressive.

    Voting is nothing more than choosing whose hand wields the club with which you are beaten.

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