Aftermath of the Red Trickle, 2022

Like many other people, I was expecting at least a wave which was discernible. Heck, I even predicted that ten months ago.

“The 2022 mid-term elections will result in the Democrats being decimated and the Republicans securely ensconced as the majority party in Congress. Nancy Pelosi, reading the tea leaves, will not run for re-election expressing a desire to spend more time with her family. Joe Biden will become a first-term, lame-duck president. Kamala Harris will resign from the office of VP, either under duress or as the result of an erupting scandal. Her replacement will be groomed to take over the Presidency in early 2023 when “Joe” leaves office for one reason or another.” [1b]

Of course, this prediction was based on the historical fact that usually the party of the incumbent President loses ground in the mid-terms and the (flawed) belief that people would turn against the woke Covid machine which was strongly supported and enabled by the Democrat Party. I was wrong on both counts. Maybe we really have reached both 1984 and The End of History.

I also predicted an outcome of the Smashing Success which still stands a chance is almost certain to happen. On this, I think I am on more solid ground since the event will not be dependent on the fickle whims of the general populace, but on the proven behavior of statist politicians regardless of which side of the aisle they sit on.

“Nothing of any substantial good will come about due to the 2022 elections in which the Republicans smash the Democrats in Congress. (See 1b above.) Totalitarian government will continue to grow without any serious effort by the “newly elected” to resist it.”

I was primed to post a different sort of article IF the Republicans had scored big. In it, I would have pointed out that they were now responsible to change things for the better, to make government work for the people, and to justify the faith of all those who were certain that voting for a conservative Republican would make all the difference in our political life. IF this had happened, according to the true believers, America would have made a U-turn, repented of its sins, and started down a different track which would lead to liberty and prosperity. IF this had happened, it would have greased the skids for a 2024 Trump landslide win, which would have guaranteed the Making of America Great Again.

IF this had happened, I would have returned to those people in a year with a question–“Are you better off now than you were a year ago?”

Silence. Crickets. Not the kind you eat, either.

As it is, however, I have to change my thesis and explain that I am really quite glad that the Republicans fell flat on their collective “arses”. I couldn’t use the term “asses” because the Democrats would not sit still for copyright infringement and might decide to cancel me. Of course, with my reach, influence, and audience, that wouldn’t take a great amount of effort. One phone call to WordPress would probably do it. Maybe it would only take one text message. Nevertheless,…

Because of the dismal showing, many, many conservative Republicans all over the country are going to have to face up to the fact that their best efforts have not produced the superman who is not going to show up to save them. They are going to have to become accustomed to the idea that “politics as usual” will continue for at least another two years. They will have to console themselves until 2024 rolls around, when things will be different because Trump (or DeSantis, a kinder, gentler type of Trump) will be on the national stump and heads will roll then.

Just you wait and see. We’re playing 5G chess here.

One thing we will not see, however, is a widespread confession among Republicans that they have put their faith, hope, and trust in a man-made system which is designed to enslave them. It will not become common knowledge among them that the government (which we chose for ourselves) is a false god and ought to be abandoned in favor of the One True God, Who delivers on His promises to set us free. On the contrary, they will retreat into their caves, complaining bitterly and licking their wounds, in preparation for another sally forth in two years, with the (convinced) expectation that this time God will hear their prayers, even as they pledge allegiance to the representative idol, the flag of the false god, in pursuit of their religion, the worship of power and control over other people, even if only by proxy. They will never renounce their cherished beliefs that government is good, even as they watch it destroy them. If only the right people were elected…

Hope springs eternal. So does delusion.

Following is one of the most quoted verses in all of Christendom…and one of the least understood.

“If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, AND [emphasis mine] turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

2 Chronicles 7:14, RSV

What is the greatest sin in America today? Well, from my own low perch and observation, I would have to say that we have erected a “golden calf” to worship. We bow down to the accomplishments of man and have forgotten all about the One Who created man. We think that theft by majority vote is perfectly satisfactory in spite of the admonition, “Thou shalt not steal.” We think that it is quite right that occasionally we should pick up some “crappy little country and throw it against a wall“, just because we can. We have no problem with glorifying the law and demanding that it be followed explicitly and thoroughly, even as we neglect and ignore The Law.

Too many people, especially Christians, read the verse quoted and think that IF they just go to church once a week, get baptized, confess their sin of lust and adultery, AND vote religiously every time there is an election, THEN God will hear their prayers and heal their land. Too many people, especially Christians who are tuned into the “benefits” of state worship, will simply not hear anything at all about making an abrupt course change. Too many churches, especially Christian, which love their 501 (C) (3) tax-exempt status will never, ever voluntarily dissolve that relationship and simply trust that God, not the State, has called and endowed them to good works.

And so we will go on, staggering blindly and complacently until we fall headlong into the ditch. Or called more properly, the abyss. Then things will change.

Not necessarily for the better.

4 thoughts on “Aftermath of the Red Trickle, 2022

  1. If the results of this election, in which republicans were handed every possible advantage on a silver platter, don’t convince people that there is no hope in politics for those who put their faith in the stupid party, nothing will.

  2. Nothing will. They will not learn because they are asking the wrong questions.

    Who is our provider? Where does my security lie? What should I be changing in my own life? Why? When should I start? These are the basics, but it is much easier to simply pull a lever with a (D) or an (R) marked on it. The road to Hell is a paved superhighway and many they be that travel on it.

  3. I disagree with your perspective of what we as republicans and constitutional conservatives believe. I’ve met hundreds of conservatives in my life, perhaps thousands, and I don’t think a single one of them carry the views and beliefs you are purporting we do.

    Quite simply, we are not putting all of our faith in government to save us, at least not in the manner you are describing. Many of us are believers in Christ and put our trust in him first, although we human and can falter in this. However, we do not believe that the government is “good” as you say and put all of our hope, faith, and trust in it to save us.

    We know that the nature of government is corrupt. We get that. We know it is full of scum who only want more power for themselves. So no, we absolutely do not believe the government is good or that it will save us and deliver us from evil. I’ve never met a single person who thinks that. However, a strong case can still be made to make use of the unique system of governing our founding fathers gave us and vote for the best candidates possible with the best policies and values who are in favor of freedom and liberty. And yes, it can happen! Just look at Florida.

    A strong conservative name Ron DeSantis helped turn Florida around from a swing state to a very red state that has even flipped a notoriously liberal county for the first time in decades, Miami-Dade. What they are accomplishing in Florida under true conservative leadership is nothing short of astonishing. Florida is now a free state. It absolutely can be done. Ron DeSantis is proof of that. A red wave may not have happened nationally, but it sure as heck did in Florida, even amidst massive loses in the rest of the country.

    The point is that it does make a difference to vote for the right candidates. A good governor can lead the charge and restore a tremendous amount of freedom and liberty and institute fiscal policies that make their state prosperous instead of going deeper in debt and taxing its people to death. In this case, now the Florida is deeply red under DeSantis’ leadership, their many electoral votes will now likely go for Trump or whoever the republican nominee is in 2024, which will in turn help elect him, and we can get back to work restoring this country. If you think a political office holder cannot do us any good, I point to both Trump and DeSantis as exhibit A, among many others who have done a tremendous amount of good in their respective positions. We are sinners. Therefore, government, being run by sinners, will never be perfect. That’s no excuse to not do the best we can to make it work for us as much as possible.

    Does that mean that I or any other constitutional republicans are putting all of our hope in Trump or other candidates to “save” us or that we believe government is good and is the answer to all our woes if we can “just get the right guy in?” Far from it. We know Jesus is Lord and that we are sinners and the nature of government is corrupt. However, putting our faith in the one true God does not mean we should sit on our butts and let communist regimes like the Biden administration flat out destroy our country and turn it into North Korea or China while doing nothing about it. We must act and work with what we have and make the best out of it and never give up.

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