Tower of Babel, Part 2

“My fellow Americans – I am honored and humbled by the trust the American people have placed in me and in Vice President-elect Harris. In the face of unprecedented obstacles, a record number of Americans voted. Proving once again, that democracy beats deep in the heart of America. With the campaign over, it’s time to put the anger and the harsh rhetoric behind us and come together as a nation. It’s time for America to unite. And to heal. We are the United States of America. And there’s nothing we can’t do, if we do it together.”

This is from a statement made by Joe Biden, the presumptive winner of the American presidential election. Notice the last line. Notice the assertion that unity of purpose in anything means success at whatever we attempt. Compare this attitude with that of the story of a civilization long lost in the dust of antiquity and mythology–the Tower of Babel, found in Genesis 11. Verse 6 is the link between then and now.

“And the LORD said, “Indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them.”

Almost literally word for word. “There’s nothing we can’t do.” “There’s nothing they won’t be able to do.”

Immediately after the election of 2020, I compared Joe Biden’s statement with the Biblical narrative of the Tower of Babel. Now, two years later, John Whitehead has joined the chorus. For those who are not familiar with Whitehead, he is constantly churning out articles which detail the abuses of the burgeoning, increasingly aggressive Deep State, otherwise known as the US government.

In a recent article published at the Rutherford Institute, commentators John and Nisha Whitehead detailed a litany of grievances against the situation in which we find ourselves today, where totalitarian, aggressive government is now riding roughshod over our “rights” as free, individual Americans. They conclude that,

Unfortunately, we have done this to ourselves.

“We allowed ourselves to be seduced by the false siren song of politicians promising safety in exchange for relinquished freedom. We placed our trust in political saviors and failed to ask questions to hold our representatives accountable to abiding by the Constitution. We looked the other way and made excuses while the government amassed an amazing amount of power over us, and backed up that power-grab with a terrifying amount of military might and weaponry, and got the courts to sanction their actions every step of the way. We chose to let partisan politics divide us and turn us into easy targets for the government’s oppression…

“We” may have contributed to our downfall through our inaction and gullibility, but we are also the only hope for a free future.

After all, the Constitution begins with those three beautiful words, “We the people.” Those three words were intended as a reminder to future generations that there is no government without us—our sheer numbers, our muscle, our economy, our physical presence in this land…

Remember, there is power in numbers.

There are 332 million of us in this country. Imagine what we could accomplish if we actually worked together, presented a united front, and spoke with one voice?


Whitehead is right. We cannot blame anyone else for the situation we are in. If you want documentation of this read 1 Samuel 8. It details what happens when a people clamor for, support, endorse, and follow a tyrannical government. 

“And you will cry out in that day because of your king whom you have chosen for yourselves, and the LORD will not hear you in that day.” — v. 18

Did you get that? The “king” which you have chosen for yourselves. Or, in our case, the government that we have voted and lobbied for continuously without end.

Whitehead is also wrong. “We” are not the only hope for a free future. For him to make this assertion is to confess that he has just cut God out of the picture and promoted Man to that position. There is only One Hope for mankind and it is not, most definitely not, “We, the people.”

“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face AND [emphasis added] turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 

2 Chronicles 7:14

The unspoken corollary is that IF we do NOT turn from our wicked ways, then America will not be healed. A word to the wise is sufficient. 

Considering that John Whitehead is adamantly vocal about the dangers of a unified, all-powerful government, it is ironic that he should write something like this.

There are 332 million of us in this country. Imagine what we could accomplish if we actually worked together, presented a united front, and spoke with one voice?”

Yes, imagine that! While you are at it, imagine Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and Utopia. Better yet, imagine the Tower of Babel where “they, the people” were unified and spoke with one voice. Even more so, try to imagine what is going to happen when the judgments of heaven are finally unleashed on this country because we have tried to build a “city” for ourselves from which we cannot be dislodged.

Instead of attempting to recreate a “Tower of Babel” situation, we would be far better off to “…humble ourselves, pray, and turn from our wicked ways…”, beginning with the false notion that only the State can offer us “…liberty and justice for all.”

Whitehead ought to know better.

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