They Can’t Both Be Right!

Within the last two days, Lew Rockwell has published two articles (See Ron Unz and James Howard Kunstler.) on the controversy over the Covid-19 mRNA injections so widely pushed by the Establishment and its lapdog media, and so cravenly accepted and submitted to by a genuflecting public.

These articles are contradictory. Unz promotes the view that obesity and its deleterious effects on individual health, more than anything else including the mRNA shots, caused a spike in death rates in 2020 due to the so-called Covid-19 virus, which plucked the low-hanging fruit before the “vaxxine” came into widespread use. He cites studies which review statistics from numerous countries around the world to bolster his case. Statistical analysis, which Unz is very good at, becomes the base of his argument, which is heavily linked.

On the other hand, Kunstler takes a more populist approach. Kunstler claims, without citing a single outside source, that is indeed the mRNA product which is killing so many people unnaturally. He offers no scientific reference as proof that his statements are true and only engages the reader with rhetoric. He develops the argument that by caving in to the Covid authoritarian regime and orders, the medical establishment has lost its trust with the general public. That trust, destroyed due to the abandonment of medicine’s first principles and the surprising lack of interest in exploring the issue, will be only regained, if ever, by a long process of restoring the idea that a doctor’s first order of business is the health of his patient, not submission to a dictatorial bureaucracy.

Only one of these two can be true. Neither may be, but it is plain that both cannot be. Either the Shot Foisted Round the World is killing people or it is not.

My take on the matter is this. Ron Unz makes a very good case and his statements might be proven correct, scientifically and statistically, in the long run. However, we are not living in the long run, but in a time of emotional upheaval and turmoil in which everything about the present system is questioned and under fire. It is at moments like these that people like James Howard Kunstler can rise to the top of the froth, influencing large amounts of public thought for good or for ill.

I do not know which of these two men, if either, is correct. Certainly though, if Unz is right, then the medical establishment carries the primary burden of not working toward a healthy, disease-resistant population through teaching people to take their own health seriously, preferring instead to simply prescribe pharmaceutical solutions to the ills so many suffer as they become more obese, more sedentary, and less physically and mentally healthy. Over many decades, medicine has travelled down the road of increasing corporate profits at the expense of the general health of the patient and, in this, Kunstler is absolutely right. Because of its neglect and disinterest, the cartel of modern medicine has wrecked what used to be a sacred trust–“First do no harm” in the pursuit of profit and power.

Due to the deteriorating situation we find ourselves in, voices like Kunstler’s are going to become louder and more prevalent. People will gravitate toward demagogues rather than dry, rational arguments. When trust is lost, it does not matter how truthful or compelling an argument is. In times of intense turmoil, logic cannot compete with emotion.

In the short term, my money is on the Kunstler types. In the long term, I hope that I am still alive after what promises to be a wild ride.

2 thoughts on “They Can’t Both Be Right!

  1. Roger, what I found interesting in this is that during the early stages of the scam (before the jab) it was well documented that 80% or more of those who died with covid (sic) were obese. Unz says that something similar is happening post-jab (without, unfortunately noting that is was also true pre-jab).

    In other words, and as you note: the bigger issue is the risk of being obese, where any next straw can break the camel’s back. As people were saying even in 2020 – they should close McDonald’s instead of churches.

    This doesn’t touch on the issue of athletes keeling over post-jab, however.

  2. Bionic, deep down I want to believe that Ron Unz is right and that the ‘jabs’ have been relatively harmless even though they have not worked as advertised. The problem is that there were so many lies told and so many extreme actions taken during this “crisis”, that it is nearly impossible to believe anything that comes out of officialdom. And, with more of these lies being exposed daily, it is nearly certain that loud-mouthed demagogues will find a ready audience, eager to be whipped up into a froth and fury, whether they are right or not. The reaction against Covid may well eclipse the chaos, turmoil, and fear generated during the last three years. It seems to me that the next decade or so, coupled with all the other uncertainties piling up, may be a Grand Harvest for the Grim Reaper, and not all of those taken will be obese.

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