I Need a Hero: Send Trump

Yesterday, I posted an article (See the one just previous to this or click here.) in which I said this,

“Trump is seen in the eyes of many, tens of millions at least, as a Savior, someone we hope will ride in on a white horse and save us all from the death and destruction which faces us at the hands of a ruthless, implacable State. These millions (minions?) have set their sights on a revolution which will upset the ruling regime and allow a new System of Government (SOG, or perhaps more accurately SOGGY) to be set up in its place, administering peace, justice, and righteousness over the nation and world.”

Today, Paul Craig Roberts validated that statement by posting an article on The Unz Review which he titled “Trump is America’s Last Hope”.

Really? America is doomed, utterly and hopelessly doomed unless Donald J. Trump is elected and sworn in as President? OMG! It’s the End of the World!! The Republican Party, that staunch bastion of conservative “value” had better wake up, wipe the shit out of their eyes, get down on their knees and give obeisance and support to The Only One who can save us from ourselves! And the voters had really better understand that this is their Last Chance to “save themselves” by choosing The Only One who can save them from themselves.

I wonder sometimes if people like PCR would give up and die in despair if Trump was to turn up his toes tomorrow. Who would save them and America (the world?) then?

Pardon the mockery. Sometimes I just have to let it out.

There is only one hope for America and it has nothing to do with orange hair, an oversized braggadocio, and bu-ku bucks to throw around, although it is quite possible that some medieval, Renaissance artists might have painted Jesus with orange-tinted hair. Or at least highlights. Just a few centuries too early, though. I’m just saying.

Has it ever crossed your mind that the King Who created, owns, and rules everything, the One Who promised that He would build His Church in spite of all that Hell could do to prevent it, the One Who sets up powers and authorities…and takes them down again, might be just working in real time and history to show us that it is useless and futile to put faith and hope in Man and Man’s government? I can imagine that, looking at our time from the perspective of Heaven, Donald Trump is probably nothing more than a blip across the screen. Drafted into service, did his duty, taken out. Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Sorry, I apologize, that last just slipped out.

At any rate, Mr. Roberts has just expressed his (misplaced) hope. He may get his wish and see The Only One anointed (again) to the Highest Position in the Land, but my guess is that he will be disappointed in the results if that actually happens. I would like to tell him that personally, but unfortunately, to my knowledge he is the only author on The Unz Review who does not allow comments.

Perhaps there is a good reason.

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