Hype and Reality in the Corona World

On April 15, this article appeared in Zero Hedge, with the headline below blaring that:

US Coronavirus Death Toll Passes 30,000 After Doubling In A Week: Live Updates

I’m going to dissect that number further down, but first I want to draw attention to the way the CDC and “officialdom” have been inflating the number of deaths due to Covid-19.

Today, April 16, this article by David Brownstein was published in Lew Rockwell. In the article, Brownstein mentions that:

 “…the CDC stated that COVID can be a valid diagnosis of the death of someone whether there is positive testing or not for COVID. If the doctor suspects COVID is part of the reason why the patient died, COVID can and should be listed as the cause of death. That only serves to inflate the death numbers of COVID.” [Emphasis in the original.]

In other words, if someone dies and it can be proven that he had contracted the virus OR if the doctor merely suspected that infection, then it should be reported that Covid was relevant to his death, whether or not it actually had anything to do with his demise. A person might suffer a massive heart attack and die while the EMT team was trying to stabilize and resuscitate, but the coroner could (and probably should, according to CDC guidelines) list the cause of death as due to COVID. In other words, he died from contracting the virus.

This is fraudulent reporting on the part of the medical staff and it is being openly encouraged by the CDC in order to, as Brownstein says, “…inflate the death numbers of COVID.”

But, enough about that. Let’s jump back to the headline at the top of the page.

30, 000 deaths is a lot of people. There is no question about that. Taken by itself, this could be cause for alarm, however, when you interpret this in relation to the total number of people in the United States, it takes on a whole new meaning.

Consider that there are 340, 000, 000 people living in the US. If you learned in high school how to cancel zeros, you can see that the ratio of deaths to live people is 3 per 34, 000, or breaking it down into fractional form—1/11, 333. That is, for every eleven thousand, three hundred and thirty three (11, 333) people living in the US at this time, one (1) person has died from (or with) the corona virus.

Ask yourself. Is one person dying for every 11,333 living worth shutting the country down, tanking the economy, and destroying the lives of countless millions of people who depended on “essential” jobs to support themselves and their families?

No, I don’t think so either.

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