What are We doing to our Kids?

This is the headline of a recent article in the New York Times which actually questions the policy of keeping young children isolated from each other and refusing to allow them to be…well, kids. Of course, there are some sour notes hit in this article, but it is, at the very least, an admission that the paranoid actions taken may have been mistaken and should be rectified to some degree.

What is ironic is the sub-headline.

“Keeping children masked and separated is necessary. It could also undermine their bodies’ ability to learn how to fight pathogens.”

Yes, this appears to be a contradiction. Keep children masked and separated so that they don’t get sick, even though it will probably compromise and weaken their immune systems making them more susceptible to illnesses later in life. No matter how it might affect their ability to fight off future infections, we MUST keep them safe today. My own take on this is that we have determined that our own fears and selfishness are all that matters, so…screw the kids.

Jeffrey Tucker has this to say about it.

“Scrub and spray everything with chemicals, bathe in Purell, mask up, stand no nearer to anyone else than six feet, stay away from crowds, douse yourself with alcohol, wash your hands and face raw, protect yourself from germs at all costs.” 

“Some nations are closed completely. No one in or out.” 

“We panic about “cases” even when they say nothing about severe consequences. Avoidance and finally suppression are the watchwords of the day, for a virus that is relatively mild by any historical standard, as Holman Jenkins just explained:

“U.S. government scientists now estimate that 40% of cases are asymptomatic and 80% of symptomatic cases are mild—in short, 88% of subjects don’t know they are infected or have no great incentive to find out if they are suffering from Covid or some more familiar bug.””

“We could also mention the 99.9% survival rate, and that doesn’t consider the wildly disproportionate risk between the sick and healthy.”

“Is this an experiment? Yes, and likely a deadly one.” 

“What precisely are we doing to ourselves? What are we doing to children?”

These are exactly the right questions to ask AND demand answers to. What are we doing to ourselves? To our children? Concerning ourselves, we deserve everything that is coming to us because we have spent our entire lifetimes building and perfecting the “system” which is starting to payback in spades. We should have no complaints about what we receive.

The far greater concern is what kind of world are we creating for our children in which they will have to suffer greatly because of our own stupid, short-sighted selfishness.

There is only one correct answer for this insanity: Let the Children Go! Let the kids be kids. Let them play in the dirt with other kids. Let them trade snotty rags with each other. Let them get up close and personal with germs of all kinds. Let them develop strong, vibrant immune systems which will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

Let them be free again to be kids. They deserve nothing less.

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