The Defiance is Building, Part 3

There are times when it seems that bad news is all you hear.

This is not one of those times, though, because it appears that resistance to dictatorial edicts and tyrannical orders is springing up all over the country, particularly in the more liberal areas which are governed by left-wing politicians and bureaucrats.

The latest example is from Virginia, where one county, Campbell County, has declared itself a First Amendment Sanctuary in response to Governor His High-Minded Tyrant Ralph Northam’s announcement of more extensive Covid-19 restrictions.

There is hope. The sleeping giant of the American spirit of liberty and freedom from authoritarian rule is starting to stir. People everywhere are beginning to see what is happening and, more importantly, what is likely to happen if the trend is not stopped and reversed. This “enlightenment” may not be visible yet in many locations, but it is there and only needs time to germinate and spread.

If you live in one of these areas of the country where there is serious pushback against the illogical, irrational, insane rules and dictates of the Corona Crowd, then you should be thanking God for those who are doing the work, praying for them, and supporting them in any way you can–even if you only are able to send your county commissioner or sheriff a “Thank You” card. Actions like this are absolutely necessary in the battle to regain our right to breathe free. Get involved–somehow, some way. Your life and your freedom depend on it.

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