The Defiance is Building, Part 2

California’s governor resident dictator, Gavin “Gruesome” Newsom (and others like him) has a problem on his hands. In his zeal to protect his citizens from harm due to the ‘Corona Monster’ shut down the state and destroy the civil liberties of his constituents, he has alienated many of the very people who are expected to carry out his orders, namely, county sheriffs who are elected to the office at the county level. Sheriffs answer to the people, not to the governor.

From an article at Zero Hedge, just before Thanksgiving Day, and another one more current, also at Zero Hedge.

[Editor’s Update, Dec. 6, 2020: See also this article on the Orange County sheriff’s refusal to obey the governor’s edicts.]

It seems that a lot of the sheriffs around the LA metropolitan area have had enough. Riverside County Sheriff, Chad Bianco, puts it in plain English and minces no words in telling the governor what he thinks. Here are a few excerpts from an address he gave recently:

“I believe that all jobs are essential to someone. Leaders do not threaten, attempt to intimidate, or cause fear; bullies do.”

Isn’t that the truth! Way to go, Sheriff Bianco!! Chad Bianco for Governor!!!

“As has been our position from the beginning of this pandemic, the Sheriff’s department is asking and expecting Riverside County residents to act responsibly and do what they can to protect themselves and their family from contracting the virus. Wear your mask and practice social distancing.”

Except for the last sentence, I agree with this position. If Bianco is asking people to be responsible for themselves and their families, then he ought to expect that they are capable of making up their own minds about masks and (anti)social distancing. Telling them to be responsible and then telling them how to act is contradictory.

“While the Governor’s office and the state has threatened action against violators, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department will not be blackmailed, bullied, or used as muscle against Riverside County residents in the enforcement of the Governor’s orders.”

Good! Make it stick! Sheriff Bianco, your office has enough to do without being concerned about someone out walking their dog, visiting a friend, or celebrating Christmas with family. Hold your ground and do not give in. Your constituents will rise up and call you blessed. (Proverbs 31:28)

“I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a safe and happy New Year.”

Right back at you, Sheriff Bianco. No politically correct garbage here, just a straight out blessing of good will, cheer, and encouragement. I wish you the very best. We need more men and women like you who are willing to stand up straight and declare where they will draw the line.

As far as Newsom goes , California citizens are gearing up a recall effort to boot him out of the ritzy mansion he currently calls home. It would be tempting to say that the people of California deserve what they have, but I applaud their effort to correct at least one of the mistakes they have made. Throwing him out cannot happen soon enough.

3 thoughts on “The Defiance is Building, Part 2

  1. It’s early morning and I can’t fall back to sleep. I have had enough rest and the thrill of NeWnOrmal anxiety keeps me stirring. As I scrolled through Zero Hedge per my usual morning routine, I too came across the video of Sheriff Bianco standing firm against the nonsense Gruesome Newsom is attempting to impose upon the citizens of THEIR State of Californina. While the statement by the Sheriff is heartening, and brings a smile to my face, I question why people like Newsom are still being regarded, in any manner, as wielding Official Power. It’s clear to those with a sense of liberty and logic, that a new level of tyranny has descended upon the Republic. Save for an outlier State or two, and only in lip-service, this Coronavirus (read Mind Toxin) has poisoned our institutions all, and infected the entire western world. We have been betrayed by our so called Governmental leaders, who are using the plandemic as impetus to exercise thier false authority to cover up the inevitable collapse of the Ponzi scheme we called our economy. Simultaneously, they wish to trigger a Great Reset and commit a theft of the highest order, the theft of Human Liberty, and weave us into a trans-humanist hive mind, devoid of free will. It is the ultimate theft against God’s will, that mankind be and remain free. Have no doubt, the main players in this action are Satanic and worship power, and only power. Again, it’s great to see a Sheriff stand up and say no to this encroachment, but it falls drastically short. Sheriff Chad Bianco needs to arrest this Tyrant-in-Chief for treason immediately. Newsom, and all who actively conspire to implement this theft, are complicit in destroying the livelihoods and mentalities of millions of our fellow beings. I say the same for the Governor of Montana, though he’s been lighter in his touch, the fraud is the same. The case is clear, we can work out the legal logistics later, before a jury. Depose and incarcerate these people for treason. Let God sort them out.

  2. “…I question why people like Newsom are still being regarded, in any manner, as wielding Official Power.”

    Is it not because there are millions of people in California who agree with the moves he is making. They put him into office and will fight tooth and nail to keep him there. Why do they act the way they do? Answer that and you will find the answer to your own question. You touched on it in the statement that, “…the main players in this action are Satanic and worship power…”, however, the lust for power is not limited to the big boys. It permeates society from the top to the bottom.

    The older I become and the more I understand about human nature is that this lust for power cannot be stopped by the use of force. That is like fighting fire with fire. Instead, we have to view it as a spiritual problem and tackle it from a spiritual angle, which means we must rely on God because only God can change a human heart or nature. Reliance on God does not relieve us from our own responsibility, however. We still have work to do.

    If you could remove Newsom (Bullock, Whitmer, Cuomo, DeWine, etc.) from office the way you have described, who would you replace them with? Who is able to fill that capacity who has not already demonstrated that he/she is also a power-seeker and would do exactly what Newsom has done, albeit, in a slightly different manner and to a lesser extent perhaps? The short answer is there is nobody.

    We did not get here overnight or even very recently. The system has been built over the last 200+ years and will take a sea-change at the individual level before we see any meaningful institutional change.

  3. I agree. The cult of power has polluted the minds of all of humanity. No one is fit to rule, only the pure shall be permitted to lead. Coercive authority shall be disregarded, which is what Sheriff Bianco is demonstrating. Only command authority shall be honored. No more order followers, no more tyrants. We shall live and survive only by one principle Law, embodied by the golden rule; Do NOT do unto others, as you would NOT have done unto you. In short, Don’t Steal. Said another way, Don’t Tread On Me. Theft of any type will no longer be tolerated. It’s the best suggestion I can muster.

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