End of the Delusion

“You shall know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.” — Jesus Christ (John 8:32)

It has been nearly three months since the presidential election of 2020 and almost two weeks since Joe Biden was ensconced in the White House, yet I still hear people say that they are hoping a miracle will happen and Donald Trump will pull it out of the bag to regain his proper place. In some unknown, divinely inspired fashion, he will snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat. Truth will prevail, right?

Well, yes, it will, but quite often does not work out the way we want it to or think it should.

Hope springs eternal for those who have placed their faith in a mirage and Trump fit that description for more than four years. Full of bluster, bravado, and braggadocio, he has talked the talk, but done very little to back up the promises he made to the multitudes of “true believers” who flocked to his banner.

  • Drain the Swamp. Done.
  • Build the Wall. Done.
  • Make Mexico pay for it. Done.
  • Bring the troops home. Done.
  • MAGA. Done.
  • Take Syria’s oil. Well, one promise kept is better than none, except that this has not made America greater or better, but has made the situation worse instead.

How much does it take to realize that the man was nothing more than an empty suit full of hot air? How long until even the most diehard believer must admit that Trump simply was not up to the task? How much more time and energy will be spent trying to reform the System from within the System? How many more “disappointing” election cycles must we go through before the average person abandons the belief that their “vote” means something or will change anything for the better? Will the lesser of two evils ever be seen for what it truly is—evil?

“…we are reaching a stage in the conflict between freedom advocates and collectivist tyrants when many illusions are going to melt away, and all we will be left with is cold hard reality. Now is the time when we find out who is going to stand their ground and fight for what they believe in, and who is going to cower and submit just to save their own skin.”Brandon Smith

Nothing positive can be gained by repeating the process.

“As Christians, we must lose the belief that our problems can be solved by politics. It is no good to put our faith in the system, hoping and believing that those we elect or the laws they enact will make everything (anything?) right. Thinking that America can be “restored” by reverting to a more conservative or Constitutional approach to government is foolish, naïve, and willfully blind. America has gone too far, there is no going back.”Poor Roger’s Almanac  

It would be wise to consider where we stand, what we believe, and what we must do to make our way forward without trying to look backward through the fog of false hope and the words of false messiahs. It is foolish to continue to put trust into one mortally flawed human being to solve our problems. It is time to remove the blinders and see the truth in the full light of day.

The past is gone. It cannot be recovered. Let it go and move on.There is work to do.

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