Past the Point of No Return

[Editor’s Note: I wrote the article below in 2013 and posted it on a blog which is no longer in existence and cannot be recovered. It has been slightly revised to improve the grammar, but otherwise has not been changed. The message is as relevant now as it was then.]

If you have never seen Niagara Falls in person, then you should try to work that experience into your busy life. It’s an awesome sight, exhilarating, humbling, hypnotic. To see all that water plunging over the precipice into the depths below is something that can’t be understood fully until you’ve been there.

There is a certain point upriver which boaters have to be very aware of. It’s the location where the pull of the current will override the power of the boat engine. From there on, it’s all downhill until the boat goes over the falls and smashes into bits at the bottom. Depending on the boat and the size of the engine, it may be closer or farther away from the edge, but every single boat is subject to that “point of no return”.

There are warning signs. There are patrols which will go out into the river and caution boaters not to go any farther. They may forcibly prohibit someone from continuing downstream simply to stop them from destroying themselves. Water is a powerful force. There is an expression—-caught in the millrace–describing an out-of-control event which is happening and which cannot be avoided or escaped from.

America is caught in that current, has passed the point of no return, and is inexorably being swept toward the edge. No matter what we try, there is no escape. We are going to go over the precipice. Of this, I am certain. It’s not going to be pretty.

[Update: The last paragraph is out of date. We are not going to go over the precipice, we have already done so and are rapidly descending into a catastrophic smashup. Nothing to do now except to trust in God, pick up the pieces, and start over, hopefully a little wiser.]

2 thoughts on “Past the Point of No Return

  1. It really impresses me that some saw this inevitability more than 100 years ago, at a time even before WWI when the West was at its peak. Clearly GK Chesterton did. I have heard the same of Hillaire Belloc, although I don’t recall reading anything directly from him along these lines.

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