Victory is Ours…if We don’t Weaken.

We are rapidly coming up on the two year anniversary of the beginning of the Covid-19 experience. What a ride it has been! Hopefully all is well with you.

Three months ago, August 15, 2021, I posted an article which began with these words.

“Call it a gut feeling.”

“I have no hard data to point to, but I have the sense that the tide has turned and is now starting to run hard against the Covid Monster. As time goes on and more people are made aware of the lies making up the narrative, our chances of completely destroying this blatant fraud in the grab for power increase steadily.”

In this article, I made reference to an incident during World War II, known as the Battle of the Bulge in which an American division was completely surrounded by German troops and threatened with annihilation. When the commander, Gen. Anthony MacAuliffe, received an ultimatum from the Germans to ‘surrender or else’, he sent back a one word response for which he would eventually become world famous–“Nuts!” Following his lead, the 101st Airborne did not buckle under the ensuing onslaught and eventually was relieved.

Just this morning, I came across an article written by Malcom Kyeyune in which he made a similar comparison, not with the war in Europe but half a world away, against the Japanese after Pearl Harbor in 1941. (Thanks to Robert Gore of Straight Line Logic for the lead.) In this well-written (and well worth reading) article, Kyeyune makes the case that the Establishment (elites, media, governments, etc.) threw everything they have at the world in a manner similar to that in which the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in the hopes of knocking the US out of the war at one stroke. Needless to say, Pearl Harbor was not the knockout punch they had hoped for and eventually the US machine, working together with one goal in mind, completely destroyed the Japanese empire.

Kyeyune writes that the average, everyday persons who make up the bulk of the world population are like the US immediately after Pearl Harbor, woken up by the shock and stirring into concerted action, each and every one creating resistance in his or her own way. According to him, the perpetrators of this episode have no reserves left. They hit us as hard as they could with the intention of beating us up so badly that we would just give up the fight and leave the field of battle. That has not happened and as time goes on, the side of those who wish to live in freedom simply grows stronger and is now carrying the fight to those who wish to enslave us all.

Witness the phenomenon of the immensely popular slogan, “Let’s go, Brandon!” Originally meant as a spin by the news media (NBC News reporter Kelli Stavast may have actually been mistaken), it has grown into a deliberate mockery of not only the president, Joe Biden, and his office, but also the MSM media and the entire establishment of entrenched government. Much of the world population has heard of this and, while they may not know its origin, understands its meaning or easily grasps the meaning when it is explained to them. In one respect, it is similar to the story of the emperor with no clothes–once someone pointed out the fact that he was naked and laughed at him, everyone else joined in and there was nothing left for him except to return home in disgrace. Today, the emperor’s clothes are ragged and being rapidly shredded as people everywhere are starting to see clearly. The truth is coming out.

What these incidents mean for us is that no matter how dark it is, no matter the might and power of those arrayed against us, no matter what it looks like, we have the truth on our side and our opposition is increasingly being forced on the defensive. If war is reduced to a matter of will and attrition, then we should understand that there are more of us than there are of them AND as long as our will to survive and overcome remains strong, we cannot lose. It is only when we give up that we have lost.

The Japanese rulers knew that they could not win a long, protracted war with the United States, so they gambled on one desperate measure…and lost. History will record that the rulers of our day, the powers that be, have shoved their entire stake into the pot to gain total control…and lost. We may not be able to see it yet, but every fiber of my being tells me that they are desperate because they know they are going to lose the war. They may have won the initial battle, but they are going to lose the war.

Of this I am certain.

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