One More Straw on the Camel’s Back

This one is for Jackson Sparks.

The above quote by an anonymous nurse at a children’s hospital in Waukesha, Wisconsin tells it all. After a black man, Darrell Brooks, Jr., allegedly drove his SUV into a Christmas parade killing at least six people (including an eight year old boy named Jackson Sparks) and injuring more than fifty, it became evident that local hospitals did not have the staff necessary to handle the catastrophic situation. This shortfall has been blamed on the “vaccination mandate” handed down by President Joe Biden, which led health-care systems nationwide to impose deadlines on their workers to get The Jab or get another job. Get the shot or get a pink slip!

Way to go, Brandon! You’ve really done it this time.

There are rumors that Brooks committed this deadly attack because he was upset with the Kyle Rittenhouse jury verdict just a few days earlier. Whether this is true or not, I am not qualified to judge and will go no further with it at this point. What is plainly evident, though, is that the White House edict is causing enormous chaos and displacement within America’s health-care system, forcing medical administrations to fire well-qualified staff creating a shortage of care for anyone who needs it, especially in extreme emergencies.

Remember how it was just a little while ago when all the emphasis was on keeping the hospitals from being overwhelmed by victims of the Covid-19 pandemic? Lockdown! Wear a mask! Stay away from everyone! Quit working! Two weeks to slow the curve! Build temporary medical structures! Bring in Navy ships to help out! Time, data, and recent history show how wrong-headed that was. No hospital or medical system was stretched beyond its limit to cope.

Until now, that is, due to a lack of competent workers who were terminated from their jobs because of a really stupid order from the highest office in the land.

How many more episodes of this nature are we going to endure before we have had enough? How many more innocent men, women, and children will die horribly before we put an end to this insanity? How many more straws can be loaded onto the camel before it’s back is broken?

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