After Covid, what next?

I wrote about this six months ago when it was not considered proper etiquette to declare victory, but then, I have never been one to limit myself because…manners.

The War on C.O.V.I.D, while it may linger on for a while, is essentially over and the forces of evil are running scared, doubling down to backstop the angry, determined masses of humanity which are assaulting their once impregnable positions. History may not repeat itself, as the saying goes, but it sure enough follows like patterns through cycles. This one reminds me of WW2 at the very end of Nazi Germany when the Soviet juggernaut was storming the gates of Berlin and Adolf Hitler was preparing to blow his brains out.

However, even though we may have survived this bout with evil and emerged stronger, wiser, and more unified against it, there will be something else to take its place–something which will have a bigger impact on all of us and which might destroy a large part of what passes as civilization today, because evil never sleeps. It would be naïve in the extreme to think that things are going to revert back to “normal” as we knew it before 2020.

The question before us then is this. What is going to happen? Well, as it happens, I recently made a series of predictions here and this is only one possibility, but it is beginning to play out on the ground right now. See here and here for confirmation.

“Russia and NATO will “stare each other in the face” over Ukraine. NATO will blink and be forced to back down, further damaging its already tattered reputation around the world.”

Of course, NATO might not blink and we will be involved in a shooting war before Winter 2022, barely six months from now. There is the possibility that a banking collapse will commence first and accelerate the rush to mortal hostilities. Perhaps more likely is that Russia’s move into the Donbas and subsequent inability by the US government and its puppets in NATO and Ukraine to dislodge it will cause a major downward spiral in the stock market and financial sectors, resulting in the afore-mentioned banking collapse. Regardless of how it plays out, if anything even remotely close to that happens, all of us who live in the “civilized” West are in for a rude awakening.

It is simply not enough to entertain the idea that because it is “over there”, we do not have anything to worry about. That naivete can be answered in just a few words–hypersonic missiles and nuclear warheads, which may start flying. Who can guarantee that they will not and this whole sorry mess will be resolved peacefully? Not even God Himself will touch that!

For all those who have drunk the Kool-Aid propaganda about Russia from the establishment media and war-mongering politicians, let me remind you that the US has invaded and waged war on many, many sovereign countries since the end of WW2, every one of them without the legality demanded by the US Constitution–that Congress declare war. For instance, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Grenada, Panama, Haiti, Somalia, Libya, Serbia, et al. Even now, without any formal declaration, the US has troops in two Syrian districts illegally, supposedly to protect the region against an uprising of ISIS, but Donald Trump let the cat out of the bag when he said that it was all about the oil. We were there to take the oil and are still there, taking the oil. In direct defiance of the Constitutional clause and international law, but, hey, when you are the 800 pound gorilla, you do as you please and let the devil take the hindmost. Unfortunately, 1000 American troops are in harm’s way as a result of this policy.

The one major difference between Russia/Donbas and the previously mentioned American “interventions” is that Donbas is inhabited by a very strong percentage of Russian people, both culturally and linguistically. Since this is true, it is only natural that they should look to Mother Russia for aid and support in their struggle for autonomy from the totalitarian government in Kiev. It is only natural that Russia should back them up.

What is unnatural is that the US/UK/NATO has any legitimate business there at all and may find out to their consternation and grief that they “poked the bear” once too often.

We should be ready for anything.

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