State of the World: Dangerous, Desperate, Deplorable

OMG! What are we coming to?

Since the C.O.V.I.D. narrative has outrun its usefulness of shrouding the desperate state of modern politics and financial affairs, it was necessary for the powers that be (TPTB) to produce something else which would distract the populace from the looming, catastrophic breakdown and collapse.

“Voila! Ukraine!! That should do it. There ain’t nothing like a good war to refocus the attention of the suckers that pay our astronomical salaries. Go get him!” –Joe Biden, State of the Union, 2022

The order, “Go get him!”, was part of Biden’s speech, but he might as well have spoken the rest because wars have always been used as a means of “masking” (pardon the pun) the actions of desperate governments. Any thinking person ought to be able to put two and two together about the current situation which is growing more untenable by the hour. However, there is one silver lining–the C.O.V.I.D. existential crisis is past us, rapidly receding into the rearview mirror, never again to be resurrected…until TPTB need another reason to scare the “unwashed, deplorable serfs” shitless again so that they get back into line and quit resisting the proper authority which knows what is best for them.

OMG! This is frightening! How can we convince Pelosi and Harris to diaper themselves again so we do not have to actually see their smug, conniving faces? This can, however, also be seen as a good thing, since it brings out the truth that C.O.V.I.D. really is over. Now, if only the “sanitized, compliant serfs” could be convinced to stop their own virtue-signaling as well. Bare faces matter! There simply is no need to try to maintain the charade any longer except to protect those who perpetrated the hoax and are complicit in the absolutely criminal action.

Nevertheless, we appear to have jumped from the frying pan into the fire, because what is occurring in Ukraine right now does have the potential to develop into an actual existential crisis…for all of us, not just those whom TPTB have designated “enemies”.

Artwork by William Banzai

There is only one way to find our way out of both these oozing suppurations of manifest evil and it requires massive amounts of public action–loud, disciplined, committed, and dissenting.

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