False Flag: Ukraine Style

Lusitania. Pearl Harbor. Tonkin Gulf. Iraq, Saddam Hussein, mushroom clouds over American cities. 9/11 and Osama bin Laden. Covid

All of these have been used over the last century (107 years, actually) to manipulate and steer the American people into a war-fever, ready to take on the nation’s newest, latest, and greatest enemy, willing to die if need be for the cause of victory over evil enemies. Except for Covid, that is, and in that blunderful pitched battle, the people proved to do whatever they were ordered so that they wouldn’t die. Sad to say, many of them did and there is no telling how many more will succumb to “wounds suffered in the heat of battle’ (read, hypodermic shots) over the next few years. The fact remains, however, that the narrative of Covid was generated under false pretenses and only collapsed when the weight of lies became too much to hold up.

Now, we are struggling mightily to “stand with Ukraine” while the Fuhrer, er, President Zelensky fends off the evil Putin. If Zelensky can hold out for just a little bit more time, some of that $40 billion which Nancy Pelosi and crew are determined to throw his way (and which you are going to pay for) might actually find its way into his pockets. Some of it, that is, not a great amount, perhaps a few hundred million. The rest will be divvied up among other worthies including, but not limited to, arms manufacturers (Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, etc.), NGO’s who thrive on slush funds, foreign officials who keep the ball rolling in return for the payola, CIA, Pentagon bigshots, Israel, etc. Damned little of it will ever reach down the ladder as far as the schmucks who are on the front line, “…kicking and gouging in the mud, the blood, and the vodka.”

My sincere apologies to Johnny Cash for whom I have a great deal of respect. He would approve.

If you get your information from other than the “official” mouthpiece of the State, the MSM, then you might understand that Russia is grinding out a victory on the ground, one Azov battalion at a time, and looks to completely neutralize and destroy Ukraine’s ability to engage in aggressive actions for a long, long time. If that is true, then it might be time to bring out the biggest false-flag of them all so far…a suitcase sized nuclear device detonated in some mid-sized, no-name Ukrainian city, with the blame immediately cast on you-know-who. After all, when you are in a virtual state of war with someone as dastardly as Vlad Putin, nothing should be kept off the table, especially if you can use the occasion to whip the West and the rest of the world into a hysterical outrage seeking revenge. What difference does it make if the warheads start flying, creating real mushroom clouds over mega-cities world-wide? At least, we will be able to get rid of that “thorn in our side”, and depopulate the world of a few billion people at the same time.

Two birds with one stone, right? Now, that’s efficiency!

All right, then. Go ahead and call it a conspiracy theory. The problem with that head-in-the-sand attitude is that something like this might actually happen. It is not far-fetched to consider the possibility nor to imagine the consequences. We should be working to make sure that it doesn’t. One thing is certain: if the nuclear-tipped missiles really do start flying, all bets are off and life on Earth will never be the same.

That is, if life on Earth can survive at all.

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