Weeping, Wailing, and Gnashing of Teeth

I have resisted the urge to write about the Supreme Court decision overturning its 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling and returning the issue of regulating abortions back to the states, but a recent article on the Unz Review by Ted Rall convinced me to put in my two cents. Rall occasionally writes something which borders on common sense (which proves that even progressive shills can be right sometimes), but this article is shot through with hysterical shrieking about the number of women who are going to die due to onerous regulations imposed outlawing and prohibiting the sordid, murderous practice known as abortion on demand. He is not alone.

In his unhinged rant, Rall repeats many of the same lies and distortions of the rabid abortionist agenda without any attempt at rationality, such as,

“Some abortion bans are so sweeping that the procedure isn’t permitted even in case of a miscarriage, which can lead to fatal sepsis unless the fetus is removed.”

Right! Show me the law in any state which forbids the removal of the remains of a miscarried fetus which is already dead. Fact: there are none and there never will be.

“Women are going to have to die hard, ugly, public deaths.”

Unlike the unborn children who die hard, ugly, private deaths until the news becomes public.

“Cops routinely murder Black men on video yet the police remain woefully undefunded. Women’s deaths may be like that, piling up with nary a “thought and prayer” for a generation or more until the United States rejoins the developed world and restores Roe.”

You would think that after the last two years of cities defunding police departments to mollify hard-left activists and woke “journalists”, even someone as committed as Ted Rall would see the light about the cause of most black deaths, i.e., self-imposed street killings by undisciplined young men in their own neighborhoods. Well, I would think that, but then I am not a senseless liberal progressive who makes excuses for bad behavior.

On the other hand,

“We the people won’t act, either. Now that Roe is no more, look at what has happened in the streets: nothing, unless you count a few sporadic, easily ignored, low-attendance protest demonstrations. Abortion-rights groups like NARAL are still fundraising, not mass-mobilizing.”

Ahhh! The light dawns. Welcome to the real world, Mr. Rall. This is a done deal and all that the pro-abortion lobby is doing to amend the situation is to raise more money, much of which will go into someone’s own personal pocket. The reality is that abortion on demand, like BLM, trans-genderism, and homosexual approval, has always gone against the grain of a huge swath of American citizens who are finally beginning to exercise control over these issues and many others like them. Just beginning, mind you, but when the building tsunami of common decency, moral character, and righteous indignation breaks on the shore of public opinion, all these will be swept away without mercy, allowing a new social mentality to take over and influence the world in a much better way. You can only push people so far.

Every extreme position, bar none, will eventually meet more resistance than it can overcome. When it does, there is nothing left to do except to face reality and accept that you have lost. Of course, you can waste your time, energy, and resources trying to regain the initiative and the day. In the case of abortion on demand for any reason, Ted Rall and his ilk are left with no recourse except to live within the boundaries of reality or to spend the rest of their lives complaining bitterly and waging a losing battle.

Pendulums only swing so far before they reverse direction.

2 thoughts on “Weeping, Wailing, and Gnashing of Teeth

  1. Roger, great summary and comments on this issue. Rall’s statements are very common among his kind, whatever the issue, including the ones you mentioned. Even the signs posted before the recent election saying, “Save the College”, to promote the new tax. This was an extreme, false statement meant to cause alarm, fear, and emotional reaction. Thought and facts have nothing to do with the way Rall and others argue.

  2. Good point, Aaron. Many people use fear to get their way because they have no facts to back up their viewpoint. This is not restricted to leftist organizations or causes either. Two very prominent people in American politics, J. Edgar Hoover and Joe McCarthy, used the same tactic and were very successful at it…until the facts got in the way.

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