Go Woke, Get Broke–Rugby Style

It was bound to happen.

“At least one sport has had enough of the transgender charade, wherein biological men have been routinely decimating biological women in their sports. Across the pond the Rugby Football Union and Rugby Football League has announced a new policy that bans transgender women – also known as biological males – from playing female rugby, according to Sky Sports. Last week the RFU Council and RFL Board approved the policy, with the RFU Council voting in favor of the new gender participation policy for rugby union in England, beginning in the 2022/23 season, by a vote of 33 to 26. Two people abstained.”

I recently wrote that, in my opinion, the leftward, progressive swing of the pendulum has reached its zenith and has now started to move back in the opposite direction. American society, in general, has had enough of abortion on demand, repeated attempts at gun control, corporate ownership of government, economy, and narrative, and constantly expanding avenues of “wokeness”. The RFL ruling in Great Britain is only one more example that people are starting to wake up and wipe the shit out of their eyes, to see clearly for the first time in decades that certain courses of direction are disastrous, especially for the weaker among us. In the highlighted case, those weaker persons would be female. (This statement is, of course, blasphemous to the “morally superior” crowd and should elicit condemnation and cancellation, except that I am not well-known publicly. Therefore I probably will not suffer any substantial adverse reaction. If any.)

Let’s face it, folks. Women, (the smaller and physically weaker sex), are simply not capable of going head-to-head with full-grown men (the larger and physically stronger sex) in a rugby scrum. Neither can they hold their own in the line-up of a football team, pro-wrestling, or swimming when they are competing directly against men. Common sense knows this. Unfortunately, common sense has been thrown out the window when it comes to the ludicrous notion that there are no innate differences between the sexes (there are only two). Progressivism would have us believe that we only have to pass legislation and force people to accept “change” in order to completely override and destroy age-old customs which have survived the test of thousands of years…and proven worthy.

Men are men and women are women and never the twain shall merge. Or diversify, to be truthful.

I find it amusing that, for at least a century, women have argued vigorously, vehemently, and sometimes violently, that they were equal to men AND that they could do anything which men do, equally well and quite possibly even better. They are now discovering, in so many ways, that they have been wrong and their efforts misguided. Women certainly cannot play rugby in the same capacity as men. In this, (and many other areas cropping up), they are now demanding that they be protected from men and in many situations, that protection must come as the result of men taking action on their behalf. It is ironic that the efforts of the last century are now starting to bear the poisoned fruit of countless lies–told and believed, beginning with this one.

Horrors, I know, but reality bites.

In the physical scrum of rugby, when women are competing on the same field as men, “Go Woke, Get Broke” (slightly paraphrased) is going to apply to many of them. Fortunately, attitudes are beginning to revert back to more accepted norms.

3 thoughts on “Go Woke, Get Broke–Rugby Style

  1. Very good, thank you. Satan lied to Eve in the garden of Eden, she believed him and Adam didn’t double check with the Lord God first before accepting the ‘fruit’.

    It seems women were lied to again by Satan that they were somehow dreadfully abused in not being able to do exactly what the men do. The chickens are coming home to roost as they say.

  2. Certainly women for decades have demanded that they be allowed everything that men have, with no restrictions or limits. Perhaps you have hit on something. I can still remember the first time I heard about a female journalist being allowed full access to an NFL locker room. The lid has been completely blown off since then.

    This works in reverse as well. Consider the recent phenomenon of men, XY chromosomes, insisting everyone recognize their power to menstruate and become pregnant. Would you say that these men (I use that term loosely) have been lied to by Satan or are they simply following the lead of the women (again, term used loosely) in their lives?

    Is this a result of the age-old battle between men and women? Is it a tactic of Satan’s to divide and conquer? See my article, https://poorrogersalmanac.com/2022/05/14/there-ought-to-be-a-law/, in which I made this comment.

    “…the result of taking one bite of an apple has been unceasing conflict between men and women ever since, both trying to rule and control the other, both trying to gain the upper hand.”

  3. Thank you, I agree. I have actually read the article of yours and liked it already. As regards your second paragraph above I wonder how much this is mischief making to set the cat among the pigeons. That is, to see whether (at last) people wake up to the illogical position that the slippery slope of not sticking to God’s commands/guidance. After all, the thought of men menstruating and becoming pregnant is plain bonkers.

    Put another way God says “I told you it wouldn’t work out well, now look where it’s got you. How about listening to me for a change?”

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