Will He Ever Shut Up?


Considering that the entire Covid-19 spectacle is rapidly turning into a debacle, it seems that Anthony Fauci has made a Faustian bargain from which he will not be released. Nor will we, until this megalomaniacal liar and power-drunk Establishment shill has criminal charges filed against him and is severely punished in a court of law.

When Fauci, the Mouth of the Beast, and his cohorts were riding tall in the saddle, he was able to say anything he wanted (and dictate policies) regardless of the damage created. It did not matter that his words were untrue nor that he knew he was lying. The only thing of any importance was that the agenda be advanced and the populace be terrified into complete submission, a virtual state of quaking, fearful pudding. There was then no question about what came out of his mouth, everything was designed to push the narrative that someone’s 93 year-old grandmother in Omaha was going to die unless everyone adhered to the protocol of social distancing, masking, incessant hand-washing, acceptance of The Jab, becoming Karen, etc. We were all going to die from this new, dread virus which had totally displaced the seasonal flu (the usual, annual Grim Reaper which somehow failed to show up). All faith had to be placed in the pronouncements of “The Science” and anything which fell short of total compliance was immediately dispatched to the nether regions of irrelevance and obscurity.

But…God works in mysterious ways.

Today, Fauci is making the circuit of talk shows, speeches, and public (mis)information trying to explain how he really did not have that much to do with the deadly circus which transpired. It was not really his fault that lockdowns were put in place. He did not order them. He did not order that so-called “vaccine” mandates be put into place, forcing multitudes to choose between taking a shot of an unknown, potentially dangerous substance or losing their job. He did not perform the “gain-of-function” manipulation of this virus at all. That “honor” belonged to someone else who acted on his own against all controls and protections. He was not the one who encouraged and prodded Donald Trump, Captain Warp Speed, to endorse and facilitate the development and production of the “clot-shot” produced by arch-criminal corporations, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Astra-Zeneca, and others. No, no, Fauci was really and truly only trying to do what was best for everyone in the name of Public Health, because, as the highest-paid Federal employee, it was primarily his responsibility to ensure that America remained strong, resilient, and safe in the face of the latest salvo fired by the Chinese government (CCP), with whom we are at war.

Right. Just like George W. Bush did not kill a million plus Iraqi citizens in his zeal to wage war on “terrorism”.

In other words, the tide has turned and Fauci’s life history is being swept out to sea under a microscope of criticism. He knows it and is trying desperately to salvage his image and respectability. Shifting blame when caught in the act is a time-tested way of deflecting responsibility and accountability, and he is proving to be a master at it, just as much as he was a master at promoting The Big Lie when it served his purposes. Unfortunately for him (and others connected with this fraud), there are too many people who are aware of the machinations which happened and who will not be silent in their opinion about what needs to be done with these perpetrators, all of them either outright snake-oil salesmen or complicit in the scheme by posing as experts in the governmental/pharmaceutical/medical triangle, who pushed and pushed the narrative despite all the evidence against it. The number of those who are waking up from the deceit of this corner of Utopia is increasing rapidly, the weight of public opinion has gone negative, and Anthony Fauci is living his own nightmare from which he is not likely to escape, even though he may never be brought before a legal inquisition of justice. The court of public opinion may have to do the job.

Bargains with the devil always come with strings attached and sooner or later, the bill is presented. The best thing Fauci could do for himself would be to come clean, confess his sins publicly and loudly, beg forgiveness from those harmed (nearly everyone), and make conscious, concerted efforts to correct the wrongs done. I do not expect this to happen. Instead, my guess is that he will go to his grave denying that he did anything wrong. We will have to endure his shrill protestations of “innocent unless proven guilty” until the day he can no longer speak.

Will he ever shut up? That’ll be the day.

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